Monday, July 30, 2007


[our infamous resident tattooist Ris @ work with a cheeky smile]

[Guest artist from the heart of Indonesia, Jakarta- DiDi ]

[IBF crew busy @ work , while Ris is waiting to get banged by the back!]

[hey, i gotta act cool now, someone getting a photo shoot of me , says the dude in stripes]

[Hardcore band - sick of it all , posing in front of IBF]

brought to you courtesy of Finchy =)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

finally, silverback!

[healed up praying hands tattoo i did almost 3 weeks ago]

[custom freehand darkside work - in progress]

[baby girl for a neighbour's arm -Jan '07 ]

[ currently using this brand of grey wash ink since mid June '07 ]

Well, as usual , kind of hard to sleep, so dig out my older tattoo work pics, and stumble
Across one of the few grey wash pics i did for a clients and friends . Shabby work which
I believe I can have room for improvement. Most of my greys wash works I did; I simply cut my black ink with Listerine or witch hazel at various tones of grey. Just seems too monochromatic to me. As of now am switching to this grey wash
Ink by silverback.
4 tones of awesome grey which i strongly believe can kick start my grey works into more dynamic art pieces. it’s very diluted and am slowly accustoming to it. So far the results are good.

maniac depression

[sick headless mofo!]

[1st attempt of black & grey Buddha]

[skin-rip Demon with hands , reference from night gallery]

[ for my workmate azmi , Joe capobionco influences - pin up face]

Days have been real fast for me lately, haven't have much time to catch up with myself and doing the things i love besides tattooing ( which is my passion, of course! ) but i try not to be too involved with work outside my workspace, i guess i just need an outlet to let it all go, it all seems so fast and it all happens so quick . And gosh, before i know it , i already felt so burnt out. guess i just need to feel loved again and 
hang around with more positive peeps with 
good vibrations flowing towards me. Heh!

Friday, July 20, 2007

more work I did in the past...

[ 4 hours job, for a nice Aussie dude. ]

[ tribal was already there, he wanted some facial demon, so i just incorporate the existing tribal as part of it - shabby work thou]

Today is a good day, with all out IBF crew busy inking for peeps, i guess its just one of those days where everyone gets a fair share of work.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

my gift to calvin kwok

[ did it for 1.5 hrs, i love the way the eyeball in between her lips, lol. ]

  Dearest Calvin,
a dear friend, an awesome apprentice and a faithfull worker, a friend that i can count on , you always have a place in my heart. i miss you bro!



[praying hands for a nice young chap!]

[only oriental water and cherry blossoms extension done by me - lotus and boy already there]

i got new tattoo on my forearm on  the 12th of july , that is when i finally decide to move on and put all the sad depressions which i was so attached to behind.
[as for the pic of my tattoo, isnt not posted up yet, but soon ;) ]

this is where life begins!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


[Cover up of a skin tear chucky , 2.5 hr job)

[this is a subtle new skool buddha, its a reprodution of a original tattoo work by a  artist called brandon bond ]

this quote from one of my fav songs by taking back sunday - my blue heaven .

And it's all too familiar
And it happens all the time.
All the cards begin to stack up,
Twisting heartache into fine
Little pieces that avoid an awful crime,
But it's you I can't deny.



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