Wednesday, August 24, 2011

N.o. Xplode

Custom Roaring Lion on Chest.

Colourful Butterflies tattoo

Custom Old London Font

Full Back DarkSide Tattoo.. still in progress..

Ren Kanji ( Patience Kanji Tattoo )

Stars with mini Lotus Filigree

Strong clean Shading Custom Fonts.

The world is on your Ribs :)

custom duo leaves.

Eye of the Tiger Tattoo ( freshly tattooed on )

Humming Birdie (sorry for bad picture)

Tribal - for our mate Jesser :)

New Skool Skull in Rose - in progress for half sleeve

Micro Anchor Tattoo on Ankle

Been a Great Month so far, A couple of Overseas Clients flew in, just to get tattooed especially by us and lot more to come by end of this month , and a lot of original works request coming from customers that knows their shit. We rather do Custom job anytime , rather then to replicate something which is on someone else's skin . Sorry to some client that was turned away or make to make appointments on later date as we were heaps busy especially in the early 2 weeks of august. Lastly , Congratulations to my boy Fazz for turning to a Proud Daddy of a beautiful baby girl :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Promises.. Promises..

Colour tiger on thigh


Custom Dream Catcher

Healed up picture of Dragon full back tattoo

did this months ago, manage to get a healed up picture luckily :)

Black & Grey Roses.. more to come..

for my bud Sha!

zelda sword

niceeeeeee.. picture taken right after tattooing. so looking pretty sore..

Perfectly Imperfect

Elvish fonts from LOTR

Hello people! sorry for the late update, i know some of you people are jumpy and all, and kept emailing me for more updates.. So any volunteers for this? i let you handle my facebook, update my blogs and all, but meh! just kidding..i don't think its going to be personal no more right, at lest you guys knows that i am handling my own website/blog and even facebook. so you are talking or getting info directly from me! the tattooist :) isnt that smashing! rather then some random jigaboo who knows nuts about posting stuffs in here.


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