Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Tibetan Skull leg sleeve

long long hours..LOL

better pic of "spineboy"

Maori/Polynesian fusion

Cute Cupcake on Index

Hibiscus add on

Healed up pic of black and grey roses

Bunny in UV tattoo ink

aww.. look at her lovely smile :)

Bestie's signature in UV tattoo

Candid moments of Faz55 :)

The Legendary Barbwire Tattoo

Custom freehand Illuminati Add-on

Smile :)

oh, so cute!!

Endure Script

Double triangle

Deviant Art drawing - his 1st tattoo, but sits like a champ!

Glory key to commemorate his 21st Birthday

for my bro Glenn! Done in old skool typewriter font

biochemical chest with gears tattoo. rock solid 5 hours!!

for my babe Rachel , Raven on blossom tree

Saint Swallow for our super regular awesome customer Farhan

Entirely Self drawn from the scratch, i think i nailed it nicely!

colour realism black widow

old pic, but promised to upload it, sorry for the delay - ( ink on face not settled in yet)

Ouch! but it says it all :)

Wasn't an easy task, exactly under her the breast curvature

Tibetan Buddhism Mantra - Om Mani Padme Hum

Bio-Mechanical leg sleeve, in progress..

Heya, massive updates for all you photo junkie fans and supporters! thanks for all the support you given us, and without you folks, we are nothing! Love you all!! - Joe Finch


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