Friday, September 16, 2011

Painless Option Rocks my Socks!!

Colourful Phoenix Tattoo

New Skool Gypsy Gal

My Heart Bleeds No More

Iron Maiden Sleeve (in progress....)

custom Silhouette Job

Black & Grey Phoenix for a dude from Belgium

Pretty Butterfly on Forearm

Heart Shaped Locket

Pubic Lawn Mower

Custom Spartan Helmet

pair of nice swifts

School of swifts


Dolphin "Friendship" Tattoo - fr

Borneo Rose

Custom Borneo Rose

Anchor on finger

Anchor on Lips

Cursive Infinite + logo

Promise Pinky

Captain America?

Thank you all for your support! been a great few weeks before this update, but Im sorry for those of your pics which i suppose to load up, but just couldn't possibly find enough time to upload this time round! will update again real soon. Enjoy the pics People!! :)


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