Sunday, July 13, 2014

more IBF July 2014 Updates..

Horse Shoe Dream Catcher Tattoo

Black and Grey Tiger Tattoo

Manta Ray Polynesian with Hammerhead Shark

Pocket Watch Tattoo with Gears

Colour Angel Tattoo with Skull

Alien Head with Bio Mech and Eyeballs Tattoo

Custom Stag with Roses Chestpiece Tattoo

Realistic 3D Lion Head with Tribal Edges Tattoo

Born Free Script Tattoo

Mother Mary Half Sleeve Tattoo

Its been a good month so far with loads of Pictures to share with you guys out there. (loads more actually..)
Pretty stoke up with loads of good ideas infusing to nice tattoo you can be proud off.
nevertheless, bring us more of ur original ideas and let us make your dream tattoo a reality, 
after all.. its you that is wearing for whats is worth to carry a lifetime.

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hope to see you sometime soon
Joe Finch 


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