Friday, November 16, 2007

Leave Out All The Rest

[ DARYL , THE PIOUS CHAP - just look at his Cross!]

[BUDDHA BAR - another sitting to go.. ]

[rebirth phoenix]

THANKS GIVING November! (IBF STYLE) - Thanks peeps for the blog emails i've been getting. never knew i got a fanbase in this site.. hahaha.. and thanks Ian for the kind help ya been giving me, and also Ronald who keeps coming back for pain and more pain but dont move an inch while getting tatt. CRAZY! and last but not lest, to my crew in IBF , my siblings that helped me while having skool term break.

And before i end this update, LINKIN PARK Rocks!! wahahahahaa....


[Nile tattoo - from the album ,In Their Darkened Shrines]

[sick mo'fuckin zombie boy] many skin canvas, & so little time.


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