Monday, June 23, 2014

another small updates..

halfsleeve polynesian tattoo

this too shall pass tattoo

Polynesian / Tiki add on

Crescent Tattoo

Bold line rose tattoo

Japanese Dragon Tattoo


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Hope to see you soon!
-Joe Finch :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

June/July Appointment slot

" with pain comes strength " tattoo script at collar 

Anchor pierce through skin tattoo

3 mountains tattoo

Enzo Circle with Lotus Tattoo

Feather Tattoo

Tongue licking Sugarskull lollipop Tattoo

Nice Diamond Tattoo @ collar area

Dagger with Rose Tattoo (chestpiece in progress)

Love will tear us apart Tattoo @ under boobs

Twin Koi with Dragon halfsleeve Tattoo

Black and Grey Realism Rose Tattoo

Geisha Tattoo @ thigh

Brush Stroke Style Yin Yang Tattoo

Cute Seahorse Tattoo @ shoulder blade

Smallest Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo I've Done.


Sorry guys for this slow updates, wasn't able to log into this account as my web guy is serving his army , and could get hold of him till now, now that i got access to this, will update more often and also if u like to see daily pics of our tattoo works, 
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Also, appointment slots are taking up real fast for July tattoo appointments, still have a few available slots for June though. do give us a call or text at 9623 4477 to secure your slots.

thanks and God Bless!

Joe Finch


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