Sunday, January 30, 2011

coincidence? (kəʊˈɪnsɪdəns)

older work , - (still in progress )

Glenn's Koi Leg Sleeve - 2010

Well, i got these 2 images from different people which email me and asking me , if i can do stuff like that. when i open up the attachment. i was surprised to see my own past works, And happy that people wanting to get tattoo like these..

Well, and my approach is don't get exactly the same, get something similar or i can fully custom a brand new tattoo with those design that u want as reference, right!? but NO, they rather duplicate it and self assuring that it look good as its already on other peoples' skin. LOL

so much so, the dude wanting the koi tattoo did came over and we're in the midst of completing his koi sleeve with tibetian skulls. with a different type of koi and color of course.- ( I'll post up pics once upon completion)

u know what surprises me. the power of internet. u can find almost anything on the web.

UV and Painless Tattoo


Sugar skull for my bro Willie!

Color Lotus on Neck.

Trails of Colorful Stars

Live Once with swallow birdies.

i got a lot of emails asking me about UV tattoo, well UV tattoo can only be seen under black light, (pubs, clubs, disco and so on). and also u cant be able to tell it under broad day light. prices are starting from SGD$50 for UV tattoo.

Painless tattoo is also available , we would need u to come 40mins to 1 hour earlier prior ur tattoo appointment so we can apply the numbing lotion on ur skin. it can last up to 4 hours with no pain. Do also check out for more info , or alternatively u can email us if u have any queries or concerns. thanks! - Joe Finch :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011 Y'all !!!!

Skin-Tear Darkside

Peacock feather

black & grey Rose Filigree Tattoo

Biomechanical skull

Biomech skin tear with metal tubes

spongebob tattoo

new skool colourful dagger tattoo

nice fairy tattoo

dragon full back

painterly hibiscus tattoo

custom Lucky tattoo


Love Me Ribbon

for a cool mate..

It says it all.. doesn't it

Magenta Hibiscus Tattoo

fly birdie fly..

Rolling Stones

Hey guys and babes, so sorry for this slow update , i know its been 2 months and im really sorry to our faithful followers of this blog. stay tune, i try to update more once i can get more time in hand. Welcome 2011 , and its gonna be a smashing year for us all.. more tattoos & piercings please <3


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