Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tattoo is Love

Custom Maori Half Sleeve Tattoo

Nautical Star with Flames Tattoo

Peacock with Peony Tattoo

Custom Dingo Tattoo

Fountain Pen with Roses & Filigree (better pic to come..)

Half Angel/Half Devil Tattoo (wordings not done by us)

Cherry Blossom add-on Tattoo

Freehand Custom Script with Roses Tattoo

Kat Von D Replica

Perverse Nun wth Devil Tattoo

Origami Rabbit Tattoo

Mom's Portrait for Amit

Custom Barb-Wire Tattoo

One Life One Chance Tattoo

New School Swallow Tattoo with Blossom

Hot-Aired Dandelion Balloon Tattoo

Blue Star Tattoo

Custom Script with Eye from Boog Tattoo

Longer than Forever + Infinity symbol Tattoo

Freehand Wings Tattoo

Pistol Tattoo Add-on

Believe with Swift Tattoo

I simply love this phrase :)

Dear Friends and supporters, sorry for this slow update as blogger have change its format, and as you know i am not really internet savvy and might need a few tweaks here and there to kickstart this blog again, i thank you for your patience.

*A couple changes to take note of:

*for every tattoo appointment for custom work via walk-in, a minimum deposit of $50 is needed, unless it is on special request, the deposit needed might be slightly more.

*We dont tattoo on sundays no longer.

*Please be patience with us, as we are really trying our best to slot everyone in, when I open Ink By Finch Tattoo studio years ago, i want it to be the people's Studio. but so much so, some customer are really not understanding and bossy and force us to just slot them in immediatly , NO THANK YOU to such people.

I got to be fair to everyone, first come first serve ruling, if u make appointment first on a open date, i will tattoo you first. if you cant wait or commit. there are a lot other tattoo studio around which can cater to you.

Do note that SMS and Whatsapp might get a slow reply, as I be busy tattooing most of the time, so the best bet is to CALL me directly at :9623 4477 . Anyway, I believe that by talking , i can explain things better and also understand what you need better.
Thank you and God bless!
-Joe Finch


[Please msg us at our Facebook page for faster reply or call us at 96234477]