Monday, June 14, 2010


St Michael the ArchAngel
Praying Hands
G-Shank tattoo (more background to come..)
Roots/Vines wrist band
i wished upon a star

Cherry Bomb with cute hearts <3

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Skin Quotes

Hybrid Angel/Demon Wings
Darkside VooDoo Doll
Darkside Continuation..
Yep. you're right.. You'll Never Walk Alone
New Skool Bleeding/Sacred Heart with Vines
Damn.. i'd sure love to eat her up. (done in UV ink)
Cherry Creek Rose
Blue Cherry Blossom A.K.A Sakura Flower
Real nice chap. its an honor to ink u, buddy!!
gave her these with extra lovin' hearts
Pointillism / Dot Work (she takes pain like a champ!)
Bride Of Chucky - Tiffany
Nice Filigree Rose Tattoo

Heart Rate/Pulse Sensor style - Let it Be..

Great start for the month of June, Overwhelmed pictures overloading my Camera, u know what that means.. pics for you IBF followers to enjoy, YES!! That means YOU!!


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