Monday, April 14, 2008


[heart jumped when i open up package]

[more then half of what i ordered ruined]

[just look at the fuck up packaging , how the fuck is this gonna withstand from America to Singapore]

Kuro Sumi , is one word mostly asked by local tattooist in singapore, peeps thinks like this is a godsent ink. but peeps also dunno how much the hassle is to order from suppliers when they dont give 2 fucks about packing them tight and nicely with full of bubble foam for support. i just hate it when the inks comes in leaking all over and damage. This, i must say is the most outrage , destroyed inks i recieved so far. I wish this screwed up supplier knows how i am feeling now, after spending so much money on this , and i cant even fuckin sell it for nuts, let alone, i got no heart to use it at all. should have stick to my Dynamic instead.


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