Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank you to all our loyal customers and friends.

Praying Angel Tattoo

Iron Man Tattoo
Polynesian/ Maori Manta Ray Tattoo

Hustler Skull

Humpty Dumpty Owl 
Hot-aired Balloon Dandelion Tattoo

Pixie with skull

Flocks of silhouette birdies

Healed up picture of White Ink Triangle Tattoo

Forearm D.O.B tattoo
Butterflies with Cat
Dream Catcher Tattoo at rib cage area
Custom Coloured Rose Tattoo

Crucifix with Wings & Roses Tattoo

Motherhood Tattoo / Old Skool Rose Tattoo

Custom Script Tattoo on forearm

Hands Tattoo


Hello everyone,  some massive update with pics of our past months work, with this update ,
I would like to thank everyone that support us along the way, that we have come so far now. (since march'2003 till now) and what I am trying to say is, from this month of November onwards till  Christmas this year, I am proud to say that : we can take in all/most walk-in customers on the spot, as well as those that made an appointment with us (usually the wait is from 3 to 7 weeks) will be able to get their tattoo appointments earlier, ( in fact those who are on the waiting list have already gotten their tattoo way earlier then expected) in an appreciate for all these years of support and coming to a decade of Ink By Finch Tattoo history, I make sure that we have ready workhorse artists committed to meet up with your tattoo needs.

I like you to know that whoever which assign to do your tattoo, I make sure that each and everyone of the tattooist here does only quality tattoo that you can be proud to wear it.

"When I open my studio in 2003, I want to make sure that this is going to be an
institution of good tattooing so people can come and know that no matter who's
working there that day. They get a solid tattoo, they get treated with respect and they leave my studio happy."

Hope to see you soon,
Joe Finch

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