Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome back my good ol' buddy Onat

 Black & Grey Realism Specialist - Onat
Colour Realism, Portrait Tattoo, or even Horror
and not to mention freehand Bio-mech tattoo

Sorry for the lack of updates, as we are too busy at the studio as always.
Always trying our best to serve customers request and always putting the best in what we do!

Good news awaits you guys and ladies wanting to get inked by us.
My good friend Onat is back here again for a short time till end of August. before he
flies off to Norway to do guest spots.
let me introduce you the special tattooist friend of mine, 
he specialise in realism , portrait and also colour realism, he is open for booking from the 20th August onwards till end of this month.

Please call 96234477 to make an appointment, and I will slot you in nicely. Do request for "Onat" if you do want realism or anything Black and Grey, 
this guy would hook u up with his custom talent.
(dont wait and let this talented artist slipped by, you snooze you loose!)

-Joe Finch

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy 47th Birthday SIngapore!

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore! I am so happy that the Rumors about Mr Lee isnt True! who ever dumb ass start this rumor should be in the gallows.I am so happy that Mr Lee is  still Alive and Kicking!!

We  Been mad busy at the studio as usual! and also we are so into Instagram now - follow us @ IBF2 , simply download the apps Instagram if you are a Iphone or Andriod user. we upload pics from the studio on a regular basis, almost daily!

as usual, walk-ins accepted,  but please give us a call in advance to avoid unnecessary wait and disappointment.

Joe Finch
9623 4477


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