Friday, December 28, 2012

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why the lack of updates.. people ask me, well, i got this newer much easier to use platform where i shoot with my iphone and upload almost instantly to the internet. 

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where u get updates almost daily.

Happy New year 2013!
Joe Finch

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank you to all our loyal customers and friends.

Praying Angel Tattoo

Iron Man Tattoo
Polynesian/ Maori Manta Ray Tattoo

Hustler Skull

Humpty Dumpty Owl 
Hot-aired Balloon Dandelion Tattoo

Pixie with skull

Flocks of silhouette birdies

Healed up picture of White Ink Triangle Tattoo

Forearm D.O.B tattoo
Butterflies with Cat
Dream Catcher Tattoo at rib cage area
Custom Coloured Rose Tattoo

Crucifix with Wings & Roses Tattoo

Motherhood Tattoo / Old Skool Rose Tattoo

Custom Script Tattoo on forearm

Hands Tattoo


Hello everyone,  some massive update with pics of our past months work, with this update ,
I would like to thank everyone that support us along the way, that we have come so far now. (since march'2003 till now) and what I am trying to say is, from this month of November onwards till  Christmas this year, I am proud to say that : we can take in all/most walk-in customers on the spot, as well as those that made an appointment with us (usually the wait is from 3 to 7 weeks) will be able to get their tattoo appointments earlier, ( in fact those who are on the waiting list have already gotten their tattoo way earlier then expected) in an appreciate for all these years of support and coming to a decade of Ink By Finch Tattoo history, I make sure that we have ready workhorse artists committed to meet up with your tattoo needs.

I like you to know that whoever which assign to do your tattoo, I make sure that each and everyone of the tattooist here does only quality tattoo that you can be proud to wear it.

"When I open my studio in 2003, I want to make sure that this is going to be an
institution of good tattooing so people can come and know that no matter who's
working there that day. They get a solid tattoo, they get treated with respect and they leave my studio happy."

Hope to see you soon,
Joe Finch

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Monday, October 15, 2012

In case you are wondering , why there isnt any updates..

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So much skin Ive tattoo over the years, and this year (especially month of august onwards) I have gone all out to please each and almost everyone of you out there, so much so for this hardcore tattoo phase I am going thru, but sadly I am 
also the only one which do all the countless updates and tweet and even Facebook updates every now and then, to be honest with platforms such as Instagram, its so much easier to upload our daily works, and also you can interact with me easier in that platform , rather then facebook or blogspot.

As usual, the best way to contact me is to call me directly at 96234477 or, if you can afford some waiting time, you can also get me at What'sapp with the same number above. 

We been much Alive and never been slacking on tattooing if you are every wondering why there isn't any update on this Blog. ( let alone that its already bad enough as it is that I used to update it every monthly only)

Also , in all good grace , if you want / need a quotation for your dream tattoo, please come over for a no-obligation consultation with us! ( its free! ) , or if you prefer to What'sapp me, please tell me the placement you are getting at, and the size, and also if possible, the reference picture of what you intend to get. That will be so much easier for me to give you a rough estimate of how much its gonna cost you.

-Joe Finch

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome back my good ol' buddy Onat

 Black & Grey Realism Specialist - Onat
Colour Realism, Portrait Tattoo, or even Horror
and not to mention freehand Bio-mech tattoo

Sorry for the lack of updates, as we are too busy at the studio as always.
Always trying our best to serve customers request and always putting the best in what we do!

Good news awaits you guys and ladies wanting to get inked by us.
My good friend Onat is back here again for a short time till end of August. before he
flies off to Norway to do guest spots.
let me introduce you the special tattooist friend of mine, 
he specialise in realism , portrait and also colour realism, he is open for booking from the 20th August onwards till end of this month.

Please call 96234477 to make an appointment, and I will slot you in nicely. Do request for "Onat" if you do want realism or anything Black and Grey, 
this guy would hook u up with his custom talent.
(dont wait and let this talented artist slipped by, you snooze you loose!)

-Joe Finch

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy 47th Birthday SIngapore!

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore! I am so happy that the Rumors about Mr Lee isnt True! who ever dumb ass start this rumor should be in the gallows.I am so happy that Mr Lee is  still Alive and Kicking!!

We  Been mad busy at the studio as usual! and also we are so into Instagram now - follow us @ IBF2 , simply download the apps Instagram if you are a Iphone or Andriod user. we upload pics from the studio on a regular basis, almost daily!

as usual, walk-ins accepted,  but please give us a call in advance to avoid unnecessary wait and disappointment.

Joe Finch
9623 4477

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Butter Croissant

New Skool for my man Joey, from Houston
Owl with Dream Catcher Tattoo
Skully Priest Tattoo

Black & Grey Mermaid Tattoo
Freehand Feather Tattoo
Ragin' Bull Tattoo
Valo Skates Tattoo

Nautical with Script Tattoo

Jigsaw Tattoo with Pink Fish Scales

Gemini Horoscope Tattoo

Hour Glass with Script Tattoo

Gecko Fossil

Jolly Rogers Lip with Name Tattoo

Memorial Dog Tattoo (RIP Shadow)

Realism Skull Tattoo

DarkSide Full Sleeve Tattoo


  Whats up people!! just to keep you guys on track..

We been working our ass off since April, last month, till now with no rest and trying to keep right on track and schedule.

sorry for the slow updates, as time simply wont permit. (and also this google blogspot format have change and Me not being internet savvy , isn't helping me much! lol ) i wish its simpler to upload pics to the internet.

and also, some of the pictures i promised to post up got accidently swipe off our Cam's memory card.
so , those pics we've done the past months/years , which u hadent got a chance to see it, please drop by for a photo shoot again or simply email us back, and i have it uploaded in due-time.

as usual, before i end this message.. I thank you all for yoru support you given us, and also please feel free to call/sms/whatsapp me at 96234477 for your Tattoo Needs, or just drop by for a No-obligation Consultation chat with us ( Consultation is free of charge of course!)

-Joe Finch

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tattoo is Love

Custom Maori Half Sleeve Tattoo

Nautical Star with Flames Tattoo

Peacock with Peony Tattoo

Custom Dingo Tattoo

Fountain Pen with Roses & Filigree (better pic to come..)

Half Angel/Half Devil Tattoo (wordings not done by us)

Cherry Blossom add-on Tattoo

Freehand Custom Script with Roses Tattoo

Kat Von D Replica

Perverse Nun wth Devil Tattoo

Origami Rabbit Tattoo

Mom's Portrait for Amit

Custom Barb-Wire Tattoo

One Life One Chance Tattoo

New School Swallow Tattoo with Blossom

Hot-Aired Dandelion Balloon Tattoo

Blue Star Tattoo

Custom Script with Eye from Boog Tattoo

Longer than Forever + Infinity symbol Tattoo

Freehand Wings Tattoo

Pistol Tattoo Add-on

Believe with Swift Tattoo

I simply love this phrase :)

Dear Friends and supporters, sorry for this slow update as blogger have change its format, and as you know i am not really internet savvy and might need a few tweaks here and there to kickstart this blog again, i thank you for your patience.

*A couple changes to take note of:

*for every tattoo appointment for custom work via walk-in, a minimum deposit of $50 is needed, unless it is on special request, the deposit needed might be slightly more.

*We dont tattoo on sundays no longer.

*Please be patience with us, as we are really trying our best to slot everyone in, when I open Ink By Finch Tattoo studio years ago, i want it to be the people's Studio. but so much so, some customer are really not understanding and bossy and force us to just slot them in immediatly , NO THANK YOU to such people.

I got to be fair to everyone, first come first serve ruling, if u make appointment first on a open date, i will tattoo you first. if you cant wait or commit. there are a lot other tattoo studio around which can cater to you.

Do note that SMS and Whatsapp might get a slow reply, as I be busy tattooing most of the time, so the best bet is to CALL me directly at :9623 4477 . Anyway, I believe that by talking , i can explain things better and also understand what you need better.
Thank you and God bless!
-Joe Finch


[Please msg us at our Facebook page for faster reply or call us at 96234477]