Friday, July 29, 2011


completely healed cross with blue rose!

Dragon Head Tattoo, still in progress

Tribal arm

Free-hand Filigree

Cute Ribbon for hottie!!

Daughter's hand print.

Semi Realism Feathers Tattoo on Rib Cage

Swallow with rose

Owl on tree

Rose add on

Fusion head tattoo


Thank you so much for making everything possible my dear friends and customers, We appreciate your Business and hope to cater to all your tattoo and piercing needs :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Come on, Be nice.. People!!

Spade Skull

DarkSide Add-on (more to follow..)

Custom koi Design for a pal

Vibrant Rose Cover-up

Tribal cover-up

Random Peeps

simply love this!!

Freehand script

Micro DeathBat

Darkside with SilverBack's Fresh Ink (People, Do request for that ink when u get darkside aiight)

Mr Sanchez rose add-on

Cute Owl for lovable client

Old Skool Swallows in Colour

After Seeing the above picture, another Client decides to get in black and grey

Swallow on back

Made of Love - Yeahhhhhh!!!!!

You wouldn't wanna F*ck with this babe!

Brilliant! I love this fonts..


Repair work..

Outline not by us,only colouring & rework by us..

bitter sweet

this babe 1st tattoo, kudos to her. Eye Of Horus Tattoo

Live Free for my bud CS


I love my Job and I love inking you awesome people out there!!, But some people are just damn rude. I guess everyone wants to their tattoo done asap nowadays, with no questions asked. Its a shame to think that we are like a fast food joint or sorts, to cater to everyone needs instantly. Reason is that we cannot humanly respond to everyone in a timely manner at the moment ,as we work our ass off 70 hours a week to try and take care of the 50 daily emails and 35 other messages from social networks as well as customer inquiries from walk-ins, whatsapp and even sms’es .I hear you and respect your inputs and opinion , but so much so.. i need to cater on a first come, first serve basis.. , I am trying my best to cater to everyone's need as my workload is overwhelmed . So people, be patient & be nice in ur emails and messages and wait for your timely reply, Peace – Joe Finch

* P/S : If you are interested in getting tattooed at Ink By Finch, then simply walk in. No appointment necessary. We tattoo on a first come, first served basis. ( to simply put it, do walk in, if u don't mind the wait.. ) if not.. Call or Sms 9623 4477 to secure your appointment slots!


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