Sunday, May 6, 2012

Butter Croissant

New Skool for my man Joey, from Houston
Owl with Dream Catcher Tattoo
Skully Priest Tattoo

Black & Grey Mermaid Tattoo
Freehand Feather Tattoo
Ragin' Bull Tattoo
Valo Skates Tattoo

Nautical with Script Tattoo

Jigsaw Tattoo with Pink Fish Scales

Gemini Horoscope Tattoo

Hour Glass with Script Tattoo

Gecko Fossil

Jolly Rogers Lip with Name Tattoo

Memorial Dog Tattoo (RIP Shadow)

Realism Skull Tattoo

DarkSide Full Sleeve Tattoo


  Whats up people!! just to keep you guys on track..

We been working our ass off since April, last month, till now with no rest and trying to keep right on track and schedule.

sorry for the slow updates, as time simply wont permit. (and also this google blogspot format have change and Me not being internet savvy , isn't helping me much! lol ) i wish its simpler to upload pics to the internet.

and also, some of the pictures i promised to post up got accidently swipe off our Cam's memory card.
so , those pics we've done the past months/years , which u hadent got a chance to see it, please drop by for a photo shoot again or simply email us back, and i have it uploaded in due-time.

as usual, before i end this message.. I thank you all for yoru support you given us, and also please feel free to call/sms/whatsapp me at 96234477 for your Tattoo Needs, or just drop by for a No-obligation Consultation chat with us ( Consultation is free of charge of course!)

-Joe Finch


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