Wednesday, December 26, 2007


[koi with wave -2.5 hrs ]

[Mark Ryden - 3 hr ]

[Only for you , Jasmine.. hehehehe... ]

[ black and grey for sebas ]

[ In progress, 2 more sittings to go ]

Goodbye 2007, welcome 2008!
thank you all for your support, as i've got loads and loads of pics to load up, i try to upload it every week or fortnight. For those of you who asked me the other time, hey mr finch. why is your price so low? i simply said, its for passion, i do and quote what i think and feel its right for my artwork and my clients. so she replied, urs still low leh, so its is cheapskate quality. its up to u to judge, u like it u do, dont like it , no worries, its a no obligation situation here.

cheers to all, and too my all groupies and fans... ( wah, i talk lke superstar like that.. wahahaha)


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