Wednesday, December 26, 2007


[koi with wave -2.5 hrs ]

[Mark Ryden - 3 hr ]

[Only for you , Jasmine.. hehehehe... ]

[ black and grey for sebas ]

[ In progress, 2 more sittings to go ]

Goodbye 2007, welcome 2008!
thank you all for your support, as i've got loads and loads of pics to load up, i try to upload it every week or fortnight. For those of you who asked me the other time, hey mr finch. why is your price so low? i simply said, its for passion, i do and quote what i think and feel its right for my artwork and my clients. so she replied, urs still low leh, so its is cheapskate quality. its up to u to judge, u like it u do, dont like it , no worries, its a no obligation situation here.

cheers to all, and too my all groupies and fans... ( wah, i talk lke superstar like that.. wahahaha)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Leave Out All The Rest

[ DARYL , THE PIOUS CHAP - just look at his Cross!]

[BUDDHA BAR - another sitting to go.. ]

[rebirth phoenix]

THANKS GIVING November! (IBF STYLE) - Thanks peeps for the blog emails i've been getting. never knew i got a fanbase in this site.. hahaha.. and thanks Ian for the kind help ya been giving me, and also Ronald who keeps coming back for pain and more pain but dont move an inch while getting tatt. CRAZY! and last but not lest, to my crew in IBF , my siblings that helped me while having skool term break.

And before i end this update, LINKIN PARK Rocks!! wahahahahaa....


[Nile tattoo - from the album ,In Their Darkened Shrines]

[sick mo'fuckin zombie boy] many skin canvas, & so little time.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

bio-mechanical updates

enjoy the pics , Ian.

its been awhile...

[black & grey skull for a poly student]

[bat wings -2 sessions]

[bio-mech in multi colours]

[darkside goat head, client brought own refrence]

[skin tear with eyeballs inside- 2 hr job]

Been real busy with work lately, and don't have much time to go online and update this blog, time really flies, before i know it , its already more then a month since i last update this site. i get burnt out every now and then, i'm so goingggggggg to aust this coming OCT!!!! yeyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

* Mr Ian, i will update your tattoo works or most prob. email u the pics.. hang it there buddy..

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Exorcist ( in colour )

all i can say is Woo-Sa!

3.5 hrs job, lots of diff tones of blue and a hell lot of patience.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

bio mechanical updates

[full view - still in progress]

[top front view]

[top rear view]

2nd session of bio mech work i did , took me around 3 hrs so far. just 1 more session needed to complete. hurayyyyy!


[fun piece i did, took me 2.5 hrs]

[black & grey pixie]

[oldskool skull + heart...  another fun piece]

[custom heart with wings]

[vampire gal on forearm - sleeve in progress]

been pretty mess up in da head, too busy with work, just a few updates on the works i did.darn , i really need to go for a holiday.. BKK here i come!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


my pride & joy


1st session.
start of a bio-mech piece outline..
(will update the progress thou)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

scripts.. & me.

[imagine that.. fheeeeeeeew! ]

[ Benevolence - characterizes the true goodness of the
mind and spirit,the unbiased kindness to do good.
It confers thought and regard for the welfare of
other people, and finds expression in sympathy
and kindly gentleness and compassion, with
charitableness and kindness. It is the expression
of agape love (Greek word for unconditional love) ]

[ sneak preview of Mr. Finch..  ]

  Well, to be totally honest, i never like to be in photos , that's why i never post up any pics of myself , mostly my work or my crew.Then one day, i  happen to came across 1 of my regular client blogs. and i see my pic in her blog, well i guess its not so bad after all to have a few pics of me in my own blog, so i stole it away from them. hahaha.. well, guess i ain't doing nothing wrong here. after all, its my pic. lol

Monday, July 30, 2007


[our infamous resident tattooist Ris @ work with a cheeky smile]

[Guest artist from the heart of Indonesia, Jakarta- DiDi ]

[IBF crew busy @ work , while Ris is waiting to get banged by the back!]

[hey, i gotta act cool now, someone getting a photo shoot of me , says the dude in stripes]

[Hardcore band - sick of it all , posing in front of IBF]

brought to you courtesy of Finchy =)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

finally, silverback!

[healed up praying hands tattoo i did almost 3 weeks ago]

[custom freehand darkside work - in progress]

[baby girl for a neighbour's arm -Jan '07 ]

[ currently using this brand of grey wash ink since mid June '07 ]

Well, as usual , kind of hard to sleep, so dig out my older tattoo work pics, and stumble
Across one of the few grey wash pics i did for a clients and friends . Shabby work which
I believe I can have room for improvement. Most of my greys wash works I did; I simply cut my black ink with Listerine or witch hazel at various tones of grey. Just seems too monochromatic to me. As of now am switching to this grey wash
Ink by silverback.
4 tones of awesome grey which i strongly believe can kick start my grey works into more dynamic art pieces. it’s very diluted and am slowly accustoming to it. So far the results are good.

maniac depression

[sick headless mofo!]

[1st attempt of black & grey Buddha]

[skin-rip Demon with hands , reference from night gallery]

[ for my workmate azmi , Joe capobionco influences - pin up face]

Days have been real fast for me lately, haven't have much time to catch up with myself and doing the things i love besides tattooing ( which is my passion, of course! ) but i try not to be too involved with work outside my workspace, i guess i just need an outlet to let it all go, it all seems so fast and it all happens so quick . And gosh, before i know it , i already felt so burnt out. guess i just need to feel loved again and 
hang around with more positive peeps with 
good vibrations flowing towards me. Heh!


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