Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Neotat driven..

Finally!! after dragging for donkey years..

Our infamous Ian BioMechanical ( who also put on massive weight too) LOL

Long overdue picture, but nevertheless.. for a client from Germany.


Words have been around that, hey,, "the guys at ink by finch, their machines hurts less eh, so much lesser pain and so silent . .."

well, Hell yea , its true! We have been using pneumatic neuma machines before and now switches to rotary tattoo machines, which hits lesser pain then Normal noisy coil machine we've used for years.

the feather tattoo above is done strictly on rotary machine , and the biomech tattoo was started with coil machine , and finish up just weeks ago with rotary (neotat) , and Oh boy, the feedback i get from my long time customer/friend was : Finch!! you should have used this on me years ago man!! this hurts sooooooooo much lesser. :)

so peeps, just to let you guys know , yea, the rumors are true.. we got nothing to hide , or nothing to be secretive about. We end0rsed Neotat tattoo machines ( http://www.taptatdaddio.com ) and proudly uses them -JF


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