Monday, October 15, 2012

In case you are wondering , why there isnt any updates..

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So much skin Ive tattoo over the years, and this year (especially month of august onwards) I have gone all out to please each and almost everyone of you out there, so much so for this hardcore tattoo phase I am going thru, but sadly I am 
also the only one which do all the countless updates and tweet and even Facebook updates every now and then, to be honest with platforms such as Instagram, its so much easier to upload our daily works, and also you can interact with me easier in that platform , rather then facebook or blogspot.

As usual, the best way to contact me is to call me directly at 96234477 or, if you can afford some waiting time, you can also get me at What'sapp with the same number above. 

We been much Alive and never been slacking on tattooing if you are every wondering why there isn't any update on this Blog. ( let alone that its already bad enough as it is that I used to update it every monthly only)

Also , in all good grace , if you want / need a quotation for your dream tattoo, please come over for a no-obligation consultation with us! ( its free! ) , or if you prefer to What'sapp me, please tell me the placement you are getting at, and the size, and also if possible, the reference picture of what you intend to get. That will be so much easier for me to give you a rough estimate of how much its gonna cost you.

-Joe Finch


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