Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wedding Bliss

Rose Tattoo - start of a chest piece

Wife Portrait for my pal Salgado

Sugar Gal Outline (in progress)

Jacob Black Wolf Tattoo for a nice chap

Transformers + G.I. Joe Cobra Venom

Crucifix with beam of rays

Very old tattoo, rework + background addition

Some Darkside add on..

Scott Russell design for a fellow Arofanatics member

chest piece script

2 tone custom font

Camel Toe (get the joke!!)

My Dear Brother - done in Bloody Mary Font

Maori Chest Piece

Maori Coverup Forearm Sleeve

Maori Calf Sleeve

Flying Heart Chest Piece

Custom Sugar Skull with Rose Chest Piece

Lick Me!! Rolling Stones Logo

Cute SLR Camera with illuminati eye

Friday, October 22, 2010


trails of colourful stars

Self Reflection Crystal ball

Victor p/ Robert h influence

autobots / transformers tattoo

killswitch engage

Black & Grey Tibetan skull


Polynesian w/ dot work

Jap background and lotus add-on


Oh so Bright!

during scabbing pic.

bright colourful lotus

freehand bio mech tattoo

Brilliant Eye of Ra Tattoo

filigree at its best

Jepster dude from kuching!

anchor with love

have a blessed October people!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Miss May I ?

Tribal on calf ( can u see the eye , nose and the chin?)

Geisha Portrait

Custom New School Snake (100% Freehand)

Nice Colour Koi swimming upwards..

Paul Booth's Eyeball Tentacle

Vibrant Butterfly with Custom Colors

Black & Grey Realism Ankh

Comical Colored St Michael Angel

Horsey with wings

very nice Crows with Tree, my personal favorite!

new skool demonic wings add on for Cappascore!

Pink Floyd Prizm Tattoo

Selamat Hari Raya to all customers and friends. its been a real busy month @ IBF and also with the launch of our new website , for those who have been asking more info about it since we were told just a blog is ain't enough, now , i shall present you : (for all you hungry information needed peeps or just simply our fan-club :)


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